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18 to 30 Months - child to adult ratio is 1:5

The Toddler Room is designed with a variety of areas for different types of play. For example: There are areas for quiet enjoyment of books and story times, puppet play, dramatic play as well as block play, music and science areas.

Outdoor play is very important to us and daily activities take place on the playground. The Toddlers have their own outdoor playground designed specifically for their developmental levels.

We encourage social, emotional, cognitive and physical development. There is plenty of time for both free play and structured play in the Toddler Program to encourage balanced learning throughout the day. Through play the Toddlers will grow, develop and learn!


2 1/2 to 4 years - child to adult ratio is 1:8

Preschoolers are full of wonder and curiosity and are learning all the time through play. As the Preschool children gain vocabulary and communication skills, they also build strong friendships and bonds with their peers and the adults around them.

The Preschool Room has a variety daily learning areas, such as the housekeeping area, the science and nature area for exploring, the music area, creative and sensory areas, block play and the quiet area full of books for solitary enjoyment. All of these areas are presented in a fun-filled ways both inside the classroom and sometimes out in the playground. The developmental focus is on self-esteem while building on their emotional, social, physical and cognitive skills. Preschoolers in our program are well prepared for entry into kindergarten.

School Age

4 years to 12 years

The child to adult ratio for a 4 to 5-year-old is 1:13.

The child to adult ratio for a 5.7 to 12-year-old is 1:15.

We are licensed to have 30 school age children and 8 kindergarten children in our school age program. Numbers will vary based on the above ages of the children at any given time. Most schools in our area will provide bus service to and from school. Parents may request to have children attend before or after school. We also provide PD days and School holidays (March Break, Summer, Christmas).

The School-Age Program is designed to be a safe and caring environment where children can feel secure in being themselves. They have the opportunity to make friendships without the worries of bullying. The main focus of this Program is on social skills, while enhancing their emotional, language, cognitive, and physical abilities. There are practical play areas in the school age room, including the housekeeping area, quiet book area, block and construction play area, and art creative areas. This is often the time for the school-age child to be able to relax and play with friends, and complete their homework. Our full day program offers a variety of fun filled activities including science, creative, field trips and outdoor play.

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